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12 Jyotirlinga Tour Package – 18 Nights & 19 Days

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18 Nights 19 Days

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In India, twelve of the 64 Jyotirlingas are regarded particularly auspicious. According to Hindu mythology, seeing the Dwadash Jyotirlingas cleanses the soul of all sins. So, with 12 Jyotirlinga tour packages, embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to holy locations in eight different states. The well-planned route takes you to the sanctum sanctorum, where these Jyotirlingas are enshrined, for a spiritually enlightening experience.

We have carefully created a 19-day tour package for you in which you can seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. Book 12 Jyotirlinga tour packages from Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and other Indian cities at the cheapest price possible with amazing deals and offers.


  • A sightseeing tour of Dwarka.
  • Witness the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga abhisheka.
  • Worship at the temple of Somnath.
  • Pay your respects at the Bhimashankar temple.
  • Investigate Shirdi and Shani Shingnapur.
  • Visit to the Grishneshwar temple in the early morning.
  • Trimbakeshwar temple is a good place to pray.
  • Attend the Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga Temple's aarti.
  • Mallikarjuna Temple Darshan.
  • Investigate Meenakshi Amman Temple.
  • Enjoy Mani Darshan in Rameshwaram.
  • Seek the almighty's blessings in Kedarnath Dham.
  • Participate in the Bhasma aarti at the Mahakaleshwar Temple.
  • In Varanasi, marvel at the Ganga aarti.
  • Pray at the temple of Kashi Vishwanath.
  • Pooja should be performed at Baidyanath Dham.

Day 1 - Arrival in Jamnagar – Dwarka (130.2 km/2 hours 27 min)

When you arrive in Jamnagar, meet our tour operator, who will greet you warmly. After that, proceed to Dwarka. The city is recognised as one of the seven holiest cities in Hinduism, as well as one of the hallowed Char Dhams. When you arrive, check into your hotel and relax.

In the afternoon, a Dwarka sightseeing excursion is planned. First, visit the town's most popular attractions. Later, proceed to the well-known Dwarkadhish Temple. The 5-story temple was dedicated to Lord Krishna and was built around 1400 years ago. Admire the beautiful sculptures, get darshan, and attend the captivating aarti.

Stay in Dwarka for the night.

Day 2 - Dwarka – Somnath (254.6 km/5 hours approx.)

Visit Bhet Dwarka or Beyt Dwarka first thing in the morning. The location, which dates back to the nineteenth century, is also known as the 'Kingdom of Lord Krishna' because he spent a lengthy time there with his wife Rukmini. Pay your respects to the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga en way. Then, if you're lucky, you'll be able to witness the sacred abhishekam rite. An excursion to Rukmini shrine is next on the agenda. Following that, enjoy a full breakfast.

After that, take a drive to Somnath. Complete the hotel check-in procedures once you arrive. Prepare to explore the well-known Somnath Jyotirlinga temple in the evening. Finally, attend the evening aarti to request Lord Shiva's blessings.

Enjoy your meal before returning to the hotel for the night.

Day 3 - Somnath – Rajkot (194 km/3.5 hours approx.) – Mumbai

Enjoy a delectable breakfast. After that, check out of the hotel and travel to Diu or Rajkot. From both places, flights to Mumbai are accessible. Transfer to the airport in comfort to board your flight. After arriving, complete the check-in procedures at the pre-selected hotel. Then, take a tour of popular attractions or relax in your hotel.

The hotel has been booked for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4 - Mumbai – Bhimashankar (196 km/5 hours approx.)

The fourth day of the 12-Jyotirlinga tour package begins with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Then, take the road to Bhimashankar. Upon arrival, take an assisted transfer to the hotel to complete the check-in process.

After that, proceed to the Bhimashankar Temple, a holy abode of one of Lord Shiva's 12 Jyotirlingas. Offer your prayers to receive the blessings. The lovely nature that surrounds the temple will calm your senses. In the evening, plan a visit to the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Return to your hotel room for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 5 - Bhimashankar – Shirdi – Shani Shingnapur - Aurangabad (330 km/7.5 hours approx.)

After an early breakfast, check out of your accommodation. You'll be driving to Shirdi today. The holy town in Maharashtra is a popular pilgrimage destination known for Sai Baba. After arriving in Shirdi, proceed to Samadhi Mandir. In the shrine, you can experience spiritual joy by bowing down.

Following that, you will go to Khandooba Temple and Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Complex. The Khandoba Temple, located on the main road, is where Sai Baba was greeted by a Poojari as he arrived in Shirdi.
Return to your hotel room for dinner and an overnight stay.

When visiting Shirdi, devotees usually don't mind driving an extra mile to another highly venerated destination. Following Darshan at Sai Baba Mandir, you will be transported to Shani Shingnapur. Lord Shanidev is honoured at the sacred location. Both the town and the temple are stunning. You'll be astonished to learn that none of the town's houses have gates, let alone locks.

In the evening, drive to Aurangabad. The hotel has been booked for an overnight stay.

Day 6 - Aurangabad – Grishneshwar – Nashik (257 km/5.5 hours approx.)

In the morning, make your way to the Grishneshwar Temple. The temple, which houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, is not only divine but also boasts a one-of-a-kind architecture that creates a spell. Shiv Puran mentions the famous shrine. After you've finished at the temple, make your way to Nashik.

Spend the night at the hotel.

Day 7 - Nashik – Trimbakeshwar – Mumbai (200 km/4 hours approx.) – Ujjain via Indore (55.4 km/1.5 hours approx.)

Prepare to offer prayers at the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in the morning. Every year, thousands of Lord Shiva followers visit the historic Hindu sanctuary. The Jyotirlinga here is in the form of a three-faced incarnation of Tridev, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Shiva), and is located at the source of the Godavari River. Return to the hotel for breakfast after worshipping.

Check out of the hotel and make your way to the Mumbai airport. Take a flight to Indore and then take a car drive to Ujjain.

Complete the hotel check-in procedures and enjoy an overnight stay.

Day 8 - Ujjain – Omkareshwar (138 km/3 hours approx.)

The day begins early in the morning as you prepare to attend the famous Bhasma aarti at the Mahakaleshwar Temple at 4:00 a.m. daily. When you are finished doing pooja, return to the hotel for breakfast. Later, check out of the hotel and drive to Omkareshwar.

The town's name derives from the shape of the sacred letter 'Om', which it replicates on the banks of the Narmada River. After arriving, rest for a while before proceeding to the Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga temple in the evening to witness the aarti. The sacred ceremony will awaken your spiritual side and bless you.

Stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 9 - Omkareshwar – Indore (83 km/2.5 hours approx.) - Hyderabad – Srisailam (213 km/4.5 hours approx.)

Wake up early on day 9 of your 12 Jyotirlinga tour to witness the abhishekam ceremony at the Omkareshwar temple. After that, eat a delicious breakfast, check out of the hotel, and prepare to drive to Indore. When you arrive, take a guided journey to the airport to catch a flight to Hyderabad. Begin driving towards Srisailam as soon as you arrive.

Srisailam, one of India's oldest ancient towns, is home to Mallikarjuna, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. After arriving, have lunch and then pay your respects at the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple. Take part in the evening aarti and enjoy the bliss.

An overnight stay at a pre-planned hotel in Srisailam is arranged.

Day 10 - Mallikarjuna Temple – Hyderabad (23 km/1 hour approx.)

The day begins with an abhishekam ceremony at Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple in the early morning. After appeasing the presiding deity, eat breakfast and begin your journey back to Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, known as the 'City of Nizams,' has a rich historical past. When you arrive, pay a visit to the spectacular Salarjung Museum, one of the country's three national museums. Charminar, a major landmark in Hyderabad, is the next stop on your itinerary. It is extremely breathtaking when illuminated at night. The Mecca Masjid has called it a day.

Stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 11 - Hyderabad – Madurai – Rameshwaram

Begin your day with a flavorsome breakfast. This is followed by completing the check-out formalities and proceeding towards Madurai by flight. After reaching, delight in an excursion to the renowned Meenakshi Amman Temple. Flaunting incredible architecture, the temple lures tourists from all over the world. So bow down and make a wish.

After that, hit the road to Rameshwaram. Treasured as one of the holy Char Dham destinations, it is also known for housing one of the 12 divine Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It takes around 3 and a half hours to reach Rameshwaram from Madurai.

On arrival, check-in at the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 12 - Rameshwaram – Madurai (172 km/3 hours approx.) – Delhi

At around 4:00 a.m., leave for the holy Mani Darshan. The next step is to take a holy bath in the sea. This is referred to as Samudra Snan. After that, finish the Kund Snan rites. You are now prepared to participate in the abhishekam ceremony at the Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga Temple.

After receiving the Lord's blessing, proceed to the hotel for breakfast. Then, check out of the hotel and drive back to Madurai. Arrive at the airport by 2 p.m. to board the aircraft to Delhi.

When you arrive in Delhi, you will be transferred to the pre-arranged hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 13 - Delhi – Haridwar (220 km/4 hours 2 min) – Guptkashi (207 km/7 hours 49 min)

Transfer to the New Delhi Railway Station in the morning to take your train to Haridwar. You'll arrive at your destination at 11:30 a.m. Begin your journey to Guptkashi after this. The picturesque village, located on the western bank of the Mandakini River, boasts various holy places such as Vishwanath temple, Ardhnarishwar temple, Manikaran Kund, and others.

After arriving, complete the check-in formalities and spend the remainder of the day at leisure. Take a walk or relax at home. Finally, enjoy a delicious dinner at night.

The hotel has agreed to provide an overnight stay.

Day 14 - Guptkashi – Phata (14.4 km/40 min approx.) – Kedarnath – Phata – Guptkashi

In the morning, you will be driven to the Phata helipad. From there, take a helicopter to Kedarnath, one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites. The town is home to the Kedarnath Temple, which houses one of Lord Shiva's 12 famous Jyotirlingas. According to tradition, the Jyotirlinga is Lord Shiva's humped form disguised as a bull. The sacred temple of Kedarnath was established by the Pandava brothers in the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata and was later resurrected in the 8th century by Adi Shankaracharya.

Collect your priority tickets once you arrive. Darshan to the temple usually takes a long time, but with your priority tickets, you can do it as soon as possible. Return to Phata by helicopter after the holy Darshan. Your van is waiting for you here to take you back to the hotel for supper.

Stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 15 - Guptkashi – Haridwar (204 km/7 hours approx.) - Varanasi

Make the most of your breakfast and head directly to Haridwar. Haridwar, one of Hinduism's seven sacred towns, is a popular pilgrimage destination. The sacred town is nestled in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand, with the River Ganga running through it. Upon arrival, you will be escorted to the Haridwar Railway Station to board the train to Varanasi.

Onboard, an overnight stay is planned.

Day 16 - Arrival in Varanasi

In the afternoon, disembark from the train at Varanasi railway station. Meet our tour agent and transfer to one of the hotels on our list. Check in and take a break. Prepare to amaze at a spectacular ceremony known as the evening Ganga aarti done at Dashashwamedh Ghat in the evening.

The beautiful aarti begins just after sunset, as darkness descends. Priests dressed in saffron gather on the platform to perform the spellbinding ritual, raising big heavy brass lights in honour of the River Goddess. Hymn chanting, beautiful music, and the perfume of flowers and incense sticks make your evening unforgettable. The entire scene is thrilling and well worth seeing.
Return to the hotel for an overnight stay after the aarti.

Day 17 - Varanasi – Deogarh (432 km/6.5 hours approx.)

Get up before sunrise to take an early morning boat ride on the Ganges. Observe the globe waking up with the light and people making their way to the ghats for daily rituals. After breakfast, visit some of Varanasi's most iconic temples. The Durga Temple is the day's first attraction. You will next proceed to Tulsi Manas Temple. Later, pay a visit to Birla Mandir.

Pay your respects to Visalakshi Temple, which is devoted to the Goddess of the same name. After you've finished worshipping, make your way to Annapurna Devi Mandir. It is now time to visit the most famous Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, one of India's 12 Jyotirlingas. This is followed by a trip to Sarnath, which is around 10 kilometres from Varanasi.
Varanasi, revered as the site where Lord Buddha delivered his first speech in Deer Park, has an incomparable spiritual aura. Don't pass up the opportunity to visit the stupas of Dharmarajika, Chaukhandi, and Dharnek when visiting Sarnath. Later in the evening, arrive at Varanasi railway station and take the train to Jasidih Railway Station, from where you will go to Deogarh.

Take advantage of an overnight stay onboard.

Day 18 - Deogarh – Baidyanath – Basukinath (46.8 km/1 hour approx.)

You will begin your journey to Deogarh after you arrive at Jasidih Railway Station. Complete the hotel check-in procedures upon arrival in Deogarh. After you've straightened your backs for a time, leave your chamber to visit Baba Baidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple. Perform puja archna and attend the abhishekam of Lord Shiva's Jyotirlinga.

Following that, you will depart for Basukinath Temple, one of the area's ancient temples. The shrine is claimed to be Baba Bhole Nath's court. Shiv and Parvati temples stand right next to each other in the Basukinath Temple. Both temples' gates open in the evening, and it is believed that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati meet at this time.
Pray at the complex's many other modest temples dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses. Return to the hotel after darshan and, if time and energy allow, attend the evening aarti.

Stay at the hotel for the night.

Day 19 - Deogarh – Jasidih (8.4 km/18 min approx.)

The final day of your 12 Jyotirlinga tour package begins with aarti at the Baidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple in the early morning. Then head back to your hotel for breakfast. Check out of the hotel at 11:00 a.m. and head to the markets. After that, transfer to Jasidih railway station to board the train for the next leg of your journey.

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